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                   OREGON GEO FEST
                     Celebrating the mysteries and beauty of planet Earth
                                  A two day family fun  event.   FREE Admission
          Featuring the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory of the Portland State University
      displaying and identifying Meteorites. Bring your possibles for identification.
      Vendor booths offering Gems, Minerals and Crystals from around the world.
  Giveaways and prizes. Fossil dig and hands on gold panning and demonstrations.
                     The 2016 OGF was fun with a great turn out of people.
                  Thank you vendors and participants for your enthusiasm.
                     Thank you KMTR tv for the nice story Sunday evening.
              Also thank your Eugene Registar Guard for the very nice article
                   Some vendor and food space for the next event available 
                    call Robert at                                                            or email
             541-343-2201                                                      orgeofest@yahoo.com
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